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Lobby at Hotel Bisanzio in Venice, Italy

Local Attractions

Find us among hotels in the heart of Venice


Choosing the Hotel Bisanzio for your holiday stay is experiencing the magic of the Castello district, a quiet neighborhood right in the center of Venice. Venice’s neighborhoods are actually known as Sestieri and, as the name suggests, there are six districts that divide the city. The Castello district is the most picturesque in Venice, still home to artisanal shops and small bookstores, typical Bacari bars at which to enjoy wine and taste the local cicheto appetizers, and traditional restaurants serving a lagoon fish menu. The atmosphere is festive and animated, dotted with colorful laundry hung out between one house and another, voices resonating in the streets and squares in the quaint dialect made famous by the comedies of Goldoni. Are you familiar with that other Venetian 18th century symbol, Vivaldi and his Four Seasons? The great composer held the position of choirmaster at the Church of the Pietà, located just a short distance from the hotel. The church hosts an exciting concert season, and a beautiful frescoed ceiling by Tiepolo. We suggest a pleasant walk through the streets and squares of Castello, away from the chaotic hoards of tourists, to discover beautiful and hidden settings of art and religious faith: the square and the Church of Santa Maria Formosa, a masterpiece of the Venetian Renaissance; the Church of San Zaccaria, which preserves the splendid altarpiece by Giovanni Bellini; and the ancient Church of San Giovanni in Bragora, a vertiable temple of 15th century painting.


Our discovery of Venice continues at the table. The Castello district is home to the very best of Venetian cuisine. The neighborhood is replete with traditional trattorias and restaurants just a short walk from the Hotel Bisanzio, where you can sample the charm of Venice at the table. Among our favorites, and absolutely recommended to our guests, are the Trattoria Remigio, a historic Venetian trattoria; the Osteria Oliva Nera, offering two traditional menus, one meat and one fish; the Ristorante Local, serving fine seasonal cuisine in a casual setting; the Corte Sconta, featuring a creative fish and seafood menu; and the Covino, with typical Venetian cuisine and wines. All within walking distance!

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